Adriabike route 6: Following the sound of the oldest musical instrument

A circular route: Straža - Stopnik - Šebrelje - Jagršče - Straža


This diverse route passing the site where the oldest musical instrument on Earth has been found starts in Straža and takes you along the main road towards Tolmin. From the crossroads in Straža, the road will lead you 8 km down the picturesque valley of the Idrijca. In Stopnik turn left across the bridge and drive up the 4 km long and winding steep slope until you reach the village Šebrelje, embraced by mighty forests on the rolling plateau. Those wanting to enjoy the magnificent views of the area, turn left towards the Dolenja vas (Lower village), drive past the shop and the sports field, along the houses and follow the signs for the church of St. John (sv. Ivan). There you can enjoy at the beneficent spot with a view of the Idrijca deep below, of the diverse area around you all the way to the rocky mountains near Bohinj or walk down the slope to the archaeological site Divje Babe.

Take the same route back to the village centre, where you continue towards the village Jagršče. Keep on right along the paved road enriched by the lovely panorama of the nearby hills. Pass the Kurji vrh and all the way to the hunting hut at Lasce where a rest at the viewpoint to see the wilderness of the gorges descending towards the Idrijca valley will reward you with the stunning images. The road then turns into gravel, so keep left up the slope. At the junction in the forest we have two options – the right turning leads towards the village Krnice past the Šebreljski vrh, the highest viewpoint of the plateau, offering an amazing view of the Kobariški stol, the Krn and the Črna prst, the Porezen, the Grintovec and the Kočna mountains. The left turning leads towards Jagršče, so you can follow the circular tour trail. It continues with a 1.5 km long adrenaline descend past the uniquely positioned Pr Jerebu farmhouse. From there it takes you about 2 km along a fairly flat road till the farm Pr Močniku where you again take the turning towards Jagršče.

The road first takes you down the slope through the forest and then back up the other slope past some holiday houses till the first and then soon the second chapels, dedicated to the victims of the WWII national liberation struggle. There you can take another break and walk from the chapel through the forest to the outlook at the edge of a precipice. The path leads you on, past the picturesque Jagršče and 5 km down the winding road till you reach the main road Idrija – Tolmin. Turn left there and drive back some 100 m further to the starting point at the crossroads in Straža.

Points of interest along the routes

  • The Idrijca river is part of the Natura 2000 due to it being the habitat of endangered fish species. Its tributary the Kazarska flows down a picturesque gorge with numerous troughs, pools and rapids.
  • Among the archaeological areas along the entire Idrijca valley, the most famous is the find in the precipice above the river – Divje Babe cave – with the bone flute, the oldest musical instrument in the world.
  • The viewpoint at the church of St. John (sv. Ivan) in Šebrelje is a strategically and energetically significant venue – it is said that a Roman stronghold as well as a Slavic shrine to the sun god were located here. It is enclosed by trenches from WWI times and there are two caverns under the church.
  • The Padstanajca waterfall on the Kopačnica stream.
  • Šebreljski vrh aka Vrhovec hamlet – the highest viewpoint on the plateau.
  • Šebrelje plateau was a popular destination for Trieste gentry even before WWI due to its mild and healing microclimate.
  • The Zaganjalka spring between the village Straža and Lajše hill (outside the described routes) is an interesting natural phenomenon – the stream source with the water level rising and falling in regular intervals.