Adriabike route 4: Through Natura 2000 territories

A circular route A: Cerkno - Trebenče - Gorje - Zakriž - Ravne - Čelo - Cerkno A circular route B: Cerkno - Zakriž - Ravne - Čelo - Cerkno


The route takes us on the sunny slopes offering marvellous views, through Natura 2000 areas and through interesting villages with locally distinctive homesteads of the Idrija-Cerkno building type. There are two versions: easier route (A) and more difficult route (B).

A) Easier route

From the square Glavni trg in Cerkno, turn left towards Idrija and then turn right at the first crossroads in the centre (direction Poče). If you want to take the less difficult trail, pass the blocks of flats and the massive stone wall of Eta factory, through the hamlet Mostanija and up the slope towards Trebenče under the church of St. Judoc (Slov. cerkev sv. Jošta) on top of a quarry, pass the village Laznica and you will reach a crossroads where you turn left towards Gorje and Zakriž. After two kilometres of flat road you will reach the Na Čičneh junction where you can either turn left and drive through the village and back down the steep road to the starting point or continue right, pass the village till Vrh Križa junction where you turn left for Ravne.

You will reach the village after two kilometres, stay on the main road and down towards the hamlet Dolenje Ravne. After one kilometre, before the hamlet, make a sharp turning to the left past the bench onto the gravel road. Pass the farmhouse, cross the stream at the old mill and immediately choose the upper left road that takes you to the junction at Gastabil archaeological area. Following a short descent, 200 m later turn left on the upper path that will lead you up the slope to a lone farm and from there you just have a 3.5 km long descent to Cerkno. The hairpin bends first bring you to an intersection where you take the path to the right and then soon reach the paved road that brings you to the main road at the graveyard in Cerkno. Turn left there and return back to the starting point in the centre.

B) More difficult route

If taking the more difficult route, turn left up the hill at the crossroads before the blocks of flats (at the flower shop) towards Zakriž. Follow the road to the village and turn left in the centre of Zakriž. Stay on the paved road to the Vrh Križa pass, from the junction there follow the description above.

Points of interest along the routes

  • The hilly territory ranging from Cerkno, Zakriž and Trebenče belongs to Natura 2000 protection since it is a habitat of the lesser horseshoe bats (Lat. Rhinolophus hipposideros) and the Jersey tiger butterflies (Lat. Euplagia quadripunctaria).
  • The little St. Judoc (sv. Jošt) church in Trebenče with a viewpoint.
  • The renovated village trough, the protected Julia’s house and typical fruit drying houses – pajštva – in the village Zakriž.
  • Italian caverns from WWII times above the village (part of the Alpine Wall).
  • Locally distinctive homesteads of the Idrija-Cerkno building type that preserve the local cultural heritage.
  • The aragonite cave in Ravne, wealthy with rare snowy-white crystal ornaments (not open to public).